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Since 1972

From Gary Turner’s first garage-built BMX racer to our latest carbon fibre
creations, we’ve never strayed from our commitment to building reliable, tried-and true
bikes that allow riders to push their limits. Simply put, we’ve never lost sight of
what makes a GT, a GT.

GT Bicycles was born with a simple vision: to help riders push the envelope of what’s possible on two wheels by creating the most reliable, innovative frames in the business.

It was a vision immediately proven in the BMX community, with an overnight cult following on the BMX race circuit. If there is one thing we’ve learnt over the years it’s this: Riding is as much about defying yourself as it is about defying the world around you.

It’s about going balls to the wall. Setting your fears aside. And ignoring that little voice inside that tells you to stop. It’s about pushing your limits. Easing off the brakes on a downhill. Attaching on an uphill. Attempting your first tailwhip.

As much as it’s about having faith in yourself, you have to have faith in the rock solid ride underneath you.

GT Bicycles is proudly distributed throughout Australia by PSI Cycling.


2019 GT Bicycles Range