Cannondale CAADX Cyclocross Bicycles equipped With Disc Brakes MY2013-2016 

First posted: 6/8/19

At Cannondale, we know that our riders demand the highest levels of performance, quality, and safety, under the most challenging riding conditions, and we hold ourselves and Cannondale products to that standard. 

Following several reports of fork fractures on Cannondale Cyclocross CAADX Model Year 2013-2016 bicycles, including one tragic incident in which the rider fell and suffered injuries that ultimately led to his death, we launched an in-depth inquiry. We, and several other independent parties, conducted extensive testing on the issue and did not identify a defect in the forks. However, given the circumstances, we decided the best course of action was to inform riders of these incidents and make a free upgraded replacement fork available through the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s voluntary recall process.

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Defect: The fork can fracture or break, which can allow the wheel to detach from the bicycle during use. 

Hazard: Fork can fracture and then detach, posing a fall hazard with the risk of death and serious injury. 

What to Do: Consumers should immediately stop riding their bicycles and take it to the nearest Cannondale retailer for a free repair. Cannondale retailers will replace, free of cost, the bicycle’s fork with a full carbon fibre replacement fork. 

To check if your CAADX is affected by this recall, inspect your bicycle to confirm it has all of the following features (as shown in the picture):

  1. A prominent CAADX marking on the top tube or other tube

  2. Disc brakes

  3. A large “ULTRAX” marking on the inside of the fork leg

  4. A black plastic cable running to the front disc brake that is outside of the fork blade (not internally routed within the fork blade)

CAADX - How to identify an affected bike

If your CAADX bicycle meets the criteria above, please contact your local Cannondale retailer to arrange for a free upgraded replacement fork. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, and are offering riders a free upgraded replacement fork that is a full carbon fork, providing increased performance at a lower weight than the original fork.

Cannondale retailers should contact PSI Cycling directly. For further information email or phone 03 8327 8080

Additionally, we encourage all riders to read and consider all warnings included in the owner’s manual for the CAADX, including but not limited to the BPSA industry standard warning that “A crash or other impact can put extraordinary stress on bicycle components, causing them to fatigue prematurely. Components suffering from stress fatigue can fail suddenly and catastrophically, causing loss of control, serious injury or death.”